Tank Liners Vinyl & PVC-Custom Manufacturer

Custom Tank Liners for Plating-Fuel-Gas-Water & More Since 1962

Large Tank Liners for Agriculture

Polyfabrics manufacturer of vinyl liners for

  • chrome plating tank liners
  • metal plating tank liners
  • electroplating tank liners
  • metal finishing tank liners
  • powder coating tank liners
  • fuel tank liners
  • gas tank liners
  • powder coating tank liners
  • water tank liners
  • Industrial applications for chemical protection

Custom fitted liners manufactured to your tank size. Providing protection against corrosion from chemicals in industrial tanks. We are a leading manufacturer of flexible plastic vinyl liners for containment of hazardous liquids.

Manufacturer Pool Liner

Plating and Metal Finishing Tank Liners  
Custom fabrication of industrial tank liners manufacturer in flexible plastic, vinyl PVC. Custom tank liners reduce the maintenance on chemical tanks. Our tank liner are unique to each and every tank applications. Small, large, extra large or gigantic

Hazardous Containment Liners Materials  
We can help you in understand the best flexible place material for your specific requirements.  
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