Heat Sealing RF Vinyl, Heat Sealing Equipment
Contract Sewing - Foil Stamping -
Printing on Vinyl - Plastic - Polyethylene

Polyfabrics offers RF Heat Sealing, Heat Sealing Equipment, all types of Heat Sealers, Foil Hot Stamping, Sewing and Customized Printing on plastic bags, specialty covers, liners, tarps, or blimps in your special design. Product engineering and development.

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impulse heat sealers

medical heat sealing equipment, semi automatic or hand held


  • RF heat sealing services
  • Contract heat sealing
  • Foil stamping and printing
  • Foil decorating for your logo
  • Hot stamping
  • Contract sewing of vinyl & plastic
  • Logo Printing on Vinyl
  • Custom printed bags
  • Specialty Heat Sealing Vinyl
  • Vinyl Prototypes




  • Hand Held Heat Sealers- 2mm, 5mm widths w/ cutter
  • Impulse Sealer (Medical) recommended for health care industry, 10mm w/ beaper & cutter, heat sealing equipment
  • Semi-Automatic Hand Impulse Heat Sealer w/ holding magnet cutter
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Polyfabrics is a manufacturer of all types of plastic and vinyl flexible fabrications along with our heat sealing equipment and RF heat sealing services above. We help with your design and specification on many, many unique specialty and standard products.

We are a supplier of hand held heat sealers, medical and semi-automatic impulse heat sealers, all types of heat sealing equipment.